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Dr Gavin Graham - Energy & Innovation Consultant -

Dr Gavin Graham

Energy & Innovation Consultant

Gavin was educated in Edinburgh and at Cambridge University and graduated in 1980 with a PhD in geology. He has 35 years’ experience in the oil & gas industry, 29 of these with Shell, working in exploration and field development in a variety of leadership roles, and 6 with Petrofac, the oilfield services company.

Gavin spent most of his professional career working in the Middle East, led Shell’s entry into Iraq and has been involved with projects in Kurdistan for over a decade.

Gavin currently acts as Advisor to Crystol Energy, to the Windsor Energy Group and to Amplify Innovation. He is a regular keynote speaker at oil & gas conferences and has lectured widely on trends and developments in the energy sector.

Married, with four daughters, Gavin is a proud Scotsman who is never happier than when he is out hiking up Munros in the Scottish Highlands. Hobbies include a wide range of sports, photography, travel and trying to convince the many women in his life that watching Six Nations rugby is a good way to spend a Saturday afternoon. 

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