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Dr Najmaldin Karim - Governor of Kirkuk Governorate - Iraq

Dr Najmaldin Karim

Governor of Kirkuk Governorate

Dr. Najmaldin Karim is the current governor of Kirkuk Governorate in Iraq. Prior to the invasion of Iraq Karim had served innumerous Kurdish and Iraqi opposition groups.

Karim lived in Kirkuk until he completed secondary school, where he then moved to Mosul and studied medicine at the Mosul Medical College. Karim became involved in politics at university, being elected to the leadership of the Kurdish Student Union in 1971, and then later joining the peshmerga in 1972. Karim left Iraq in 1975. He later completed neurosurgery training at George Washington University, and started his own medical practice in the Washington, DC area.

Karim returned to Iraq in 2009 to stand for the Kurdistan Alliance in the parliamentary election, and was elected as a member of parliament for Kirkuk. He was subsequently elected as governor of Kirkuk Governorate by Kirkuk’s Governorate Council on 29 March 2011, and was sworn in on 3 April 2011. Following President Jalal Talabani’s stroke on December 17, 2012, Karim served as the head of Talabani’s medical team when Talabani is in Iraq.

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